Maribel Ariza is my birth name, Harchanan Kaur is the spiritual name I was given on the fascinating and transforming path of Kundalini Yoga. I feel I am those names and many other more. Names relating to sostainer women of the world,

During my school years I was a dancer and wanted to become an actress. But finally I decided to study Tourism and Hospitality Management willing to travel around the world. I moved to London to start my dream, but it will never came true. Instead, I met the man who’s still my partner today and together we decided to go back to my homeland in Barcelona, where we  continued building our life story  for the following 18 years.

I started what it supposed to be my exciting career in Hospitality working at one of the Leading Hotels of the World, which I left after falling victim of a depression at the age of 25. I to decided study psychology because  I thought it would be much more nourishing and interesting than visiting a psychologist. In the deepest of my soul there was a longing of a different world, of another reality than the one taught in the books.  Unfortunately, I finished my studies without having found the right answers. My aim was to find the secrets of human happiness and being able to share them with others so they could avoid all the unnecesssary suffering.  In the meanwhile I started my own catering business and became a mum of two, getting into a deep existencial crisis before I was 30 years old.

As soon as I took part in my first Kundalini Yoga class I knew that I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I felt in love with the practice and dived into the teachings completing both levels, 1 and 2, of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program. I also became a Shakti Dance Teacher and a Yoga Doula during that period. An authentic revolution at that stage of my  life that put all my believing’s upside-down.

The real knowledge, the real wisdom, comes only trough the experience. The practice of Kundalini Yoga  is an impressive tool that gave me the chance to perform the real experience of life. And it keeps still doing it. It gave me the practical understanding of how energy works within us. We definitely need a technology to help us take the control of that energy, otherwise the energy takes the control of us and life becomes a tragedy.

Essential Oils and psycoaromatherapy complete the puzzle of my life purpose. I discovered the wisdom of nature contained in those drops after using essential oils for my own emotional recovery.  I have been doing my own research for the last two years, studying, testing and experiencing the marvellous effects of essential oils in different fields.

I will never have enough words to express how thankful and blessed I feel for all the situations that life has send me.

The best qualificationquote-1 that I could ever get  has been my own experience, going through every challenge of life from the consciousness of my true self. It has not being always easy, but it has definitely been amazing.

I am currently teaching Fragrant Yoga in Scotland. New beginnings are always challenging but I relay on  doing what I am meant to do, inspire and serve others.



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